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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Unruly Peas

The peas have gotten slightly unruly. They are trying their best to take over the eggplants once again. I pulled them back earlier this year, but they have found their way to the eggplant cages and have even started to wrap around them!

At least one Cowpea is doing what it is supposed to....growing up the corn.

In other news....

Things are looking good. The zukes and squash are really starting to take off. This was our first attempt at corn and I don't think we'll get any nice plumb heads. I think pollination may have been bad---given the squash plants grew almost as tall as the corn and the silks emerged under squash plants; hard to wind pollinate that. We did try hand pollination, but we missed several silks that grew very close to the ground. I think we would have had better success if more of the corn had germinated (or we didn't pull them as weeds) and we had more blocks of the corn. We'll see. We will try popcorn in the spring.

Actually, this has got to be the skinnest corn plant ever:

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