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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Harvest 09-05-11

Things are starting to come in now!!!

I finally figured out why I am not getting much squash yet. My plants are still producing mainly male flowers. However, it looks like more female squash blooms are on the horizon!
The zucchini has been ... well, zucchini. Although its early in the process, I've already gotten 6 pounds of zucchini. Including this monster (shown against an 8" stovetop burner)

The peas are getting close to pick ready. I even picked a few just to get a peak inside.
The eggplant look like they are getting ready to start. It's a little earlier than expected, however, it has been hot and maybe we've done a good job of taking care of them :).
So for this week, we got 6 pounds of zukes, 1 1/2 lbs squash, and about 1/2 lb of banana peppers. Yep, as the temps cool to the 90's (ha!), the peppers are starting to produce again!

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