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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gardening Woes

Well as every gardener knows, gardening has its ups and downs. We, as adults, get to play in the dirt and harvest fresh food that was grown with our self-approved methods. But gardening is not without risk. Sometimes, theres to much rain, to little rain, to much sun, to little sun, we fight animals, insects, toddlers trampling through the vegetation. We fight soil borne diseases, airborne diseases, nutritional deficiencies. But in the end, its all worth it.

Here are some of my gardening woes:

Somethings snacking on my leaves...
Corn with no husk
Unknown: pest or beneficial?
Poor Peas
Squash, may have some phosphorus deficiency?
But gardening woes typically come alongside some delights. Here are some of my delights:
Eggplant in Bloom
Peas in Bloom
Squash in Bloom
Future Meals for the Fam:
Yep, in the end, its all worth it :).

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