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Monday, April 29, 2013

483 Days till Harvest

You read that right! 483 days till harvest. I started the artichoke January 2012 and I harvested my first artichoke yesterday. I planted Imperial Star; which is supposedly an annual. I followed all the directions and exposed it to cold temps last February/March. But the Spring of 2012 was fairly warm and short-lived. In 2012, this was all I got.

April 2012 (shows only one of the three planted)
2012 05 04_6626

October 2012 (shows all  three)
2012 10 28_8102

Then, this winter, I figured I had lost them for good after a few freezes left them looking …. well, dead. Didn’t take a picture of them because I thought that was all she wrote; given this variety is to be grown as annuals.

Well, this spring, I noticed that they had perked back up and even started to grow. Good thing I didn’t pull them up. In March, they looked like this. You can tell that they are smaller than they were in October, but they are clearly alive and well.
2013 03 29_8721

Then just a month later, in April 2013:
2013 04 14_9221 2013 04 07_9092
2013 04 20_9507

And today, I pulled these two beauties that had started to open up (that is a quart sized jar to give you an idea of their size).
2013 04 28_9525

These are just the beginning. I hadn’t gotten a picture yet, but there are ….maybe….. five more coming into size. I just hope they beat the Texas heat. I believe that if I cut them back just as the eat sets in, I can get another harvest in fall…..we’ll see.
2013 04 14_9221

This week also brought some collards, turnips, and I am beginning to unpeel my luffa’s (grown last season).
 2013 04 28_9259

Check out more early season harvests (or late season harvest depending on which side of the equator you are on) over at Daphne’s Dandelions Harvest Monday.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Herb Garden Blooms

Who says the herb garden is full of only green plants of different textures?

Take a look at a few – blooming - plants in my herb garden.

2013 04 28_9537

2013 04 28_9540
2013 04 28_9539

2013 04 28_9542

The bees are loving it! I enjoyed a great harvest before the bloom. After the bloom, I will trim them back and start the grow-harvest-grow-bloom-cutback process all over again.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Let’s Get Things Moving


This weekend I went for it! It’s April and my garden is not planted yet. Why? Because Mother Nature has decided to play peek-a-boo with Spring. Spring peaks out at us and then goes back into hiding for a day or two.


Spring peaked out this past weekend and I took advantage. I planted the basil seedlings.

2013 04 07_9099

Tomato and pepper seedlings.

2013 04 07_9093

I also direct seeded beans and peas.


It was also a great chance to check in on some of my other plantings.


The artichoke looks great. I planted these last year and this is my first artichoke. Almost one-year to the date of my transplanting them outdoors. I thought they were dead this winter, but they have come back with vengeance. Now, I need to figure out when to harvest them.

2013 04 07_9092


The garlic looks great! I need to fertilize, but I think they are on track for a May/June harvest.

2013 04 07_9094


Some of my potatoes were harmed by one of the many late frosts, but most are doing just fine.

2013 04 07_9095


These turnip tops didn’t last long. As I was snapping this picture, I thought about a bowl of greens and promptly put the camera down and cut all these turnips down to their roots. Maybe I’ll get another flush of leaves before they all bolt. One of the positives of our slow-coming spring.

2013 04 07_9097


The onions are also doing well. They look even better than last year.

2013 04 07_9100


My first promising attempt at leeks. Looking good so far. Pay no attention to that cabbage in the corner. There is no chance it will form a head before bolting; even with this spring. It is a left over from the fall garden; I harvested a head this winter and hoped to get another one this spring. I doubt it will make it in time.

2013 04 07_9101


The broccoli is done and I have pulled most of them. The broccoli was good and bad this year. The good is that I harvested the most ever. All the plants yielded a nice sized head. The bad was the lack of side shoots. Last year I had one broccoli plant to yield a head followed by bowls of side shoots. This year I had about 5-7 broccoli plants yield a head and not even a bowl of side shoots. Next year, I am shooting for 7-9 broccoli plants with bowls and bowls of side shoots.

2013 04 07_9102


This weekend, we hope to get the coop finished and get some supports in the beds. I like to get those in early so that I don’t disturb the plants after they have gotten larger. Plus, this is a good time because the garden doesn’t require a lot of time right now…..only task now is to water.


I’m pretty excited that I’ve finally gotten things moving. We’ve had frosts the last two nights and I’ve had to run out and cover the seedlings. I had to get them planted though; otherwise, they have no chance of yielding a harvest before our summer heat brings them to a screeching halt. No tomatoes or peppers in July and August due to the heat. Now, if only Mother Nature will allow spring to stick around for awhile….things will really start moving!

Cover the Tomatoes!


I finally get my tomatoes and peppers planted this ‘spring’; only to turn on the evening news and hear a freeze warning. You’ve got to be kidding me! We are nearly a month passed our average last freeze date! I guess it’s average for a reason. Maybe the summer will be milder with fewer bugs……one can only hope.


2013 04 10_9173

Monday, April 8, 2013

Cleaning up the Garden Harvest

I was out planting the spring garden today and had no plans on harvesting anything. However, I noticed that some of my turnip plants had started to bolt. So I decided to go ahead and harvest the rest of the turnip greens before I lost them as well. I grow turnips for the tops; not the bulbs.

I ended up with a pot full of turnip greens; which is about $5 worth. Not bad; but I definitely need to figure out how to grow more.
2013 04 07_9168

I then went over to the herb garden and noticed that several things could use a good haircut. The rosemary and sage could use a nice trimming.
2013 04 07_9103
I trimmed the rosemary, but left the sage alone because ….
2013 04 07_9104
…. its about to bloom! I can’t wait to see it.

The cilantro was in bad need of a haircut. It is in full flower, so I need to figure out if its any good after it has flowered. I gave it a good trimming anyway. Here it is before the trimming:
2013 04 07_9105

The chives and thyme aren’t too out of control; but I decided to trim them also.

Here’s what I ended up with:

2013 04 07_9169

thyme; lemon thyme; chives
2013 04 07_9170

2013 04 07_9171

and the flowering cilantro.
2013 04 07_9172

I measure my herbs after they have been dried; which is occurring as I type this. I did leave some of the flowering cilantro in the herb garden to reseed itself and for coriander seed.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Remember our Chicks?

Remember these cutie pies
2013 02 10_90912013 02 10_9090

Fast forward several weeks and we now have
2013 04 01_8710

As my son says, ’Look mom! We have Hens.’ And we do…..almost.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Mystery Solved

Throughout the winter, I’ve had this huge plant growing in one of my beds. I thought it was broccoli, but it never formed a head.
2013 02 17_9052
I figured I had some contaminated seed. Instead of pulling it, I continued to let it grow. The bed is 4’ across and you can see that this one plant is covering about half of its width.

Then about two weeks ago, I came out and saw this
2013 03 24_8728

YAY! It’s a romanesco broccoli (or cauliflower).
2013 03 29_8714
I pulled it a few days later at about 2 lbs.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t look like a keeper. The plant grew too large, it took entirely too long to head, and it doesn’t look like it produces side shoots. Actually, I think that this cool, slow spring is the only reason I even got a head before it bolted. A normal spring and it probably would have never formed a head.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

What is Normal?


Normally, I would have been posting a few times a week.

But this last month has been a whirlwind. I won’t bore you with the details, so here is the short version: getting ready for family vacation, family vacation, recovering from family vacation, kid with a broken leg.


Normally, I would have planted my tomatoes, beans, and other summer crop by now.

But Spring has been very stubborn this year. Last year, gardeners were discussing how spring had come so early. This year, Spring has been playing Hide and Seek with us all. Today’s high was 49.


These days,  I don’t know what normal is anymore.