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Monday, September 26, 2011

Harvest Monday 09-26-11

Nothing to exciting about my summer-planted garden; given that I only have zucchini, squash, banana pepper, eggplant, and purple hull peas planted. The peppers were planted in April, but they suffered through the summer's 110 degree heat wave. However, now that we are in the low 90's, they are making a nice comeback---this week's harvest was the largest of the year. The peas, zukes, and squash are all just beginning to get into full swing and I expect a few more good weeks before the harvest starts to tail off. Here is what a typical week looks like these days:
Harvest: 7 lbs zukes, 4 lbs squash, 1.5 lbs peppers, 3 lbs peas.
All of  those pea-pods (in basket) ended up being a pie shell worth of actual peas.
Looks like the eggplant will attempt to make an appearance before its too late.

My zukes haven't been prolific yet, but I've already used some in this zuchinni blueberry bread...yummy!

Check out more harvests over at Daphne's Dandelions Harvest Monday. Its very interesting to see what's in season at different locations throughout the US and World.

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