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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Queen Bee and other Friends

There is a gi-normous bee that visits my garden every morning and some evenings. I thought this was a queen bee, but I think that queen bee's do not leave the hive. Also, there are now two of them visiting. I still call them Queen Bee, just because of their size.

Other than Queen Bee(s), we have many other visitors to the garden. I've spied lots of Wasps (which have helped tremendously with the ant control....I am so glad the wasps showed up bc the ants were out of control, now they are very much in control). I've spied lady bugs, grasshoppers (I've only seen them doing one thing and there is no evidence that they have done anything else...see their pic below). I've spied insects trapped in spider webbing, but I haven't seen the spider yet. I've also spied dragon flies; they also eat bees, so I am not sure how proud I am of them being around. But I'll continue to allow nature to balance itself.

Updated 11-9-11: I now think that my Queen Bees are just very large Bumble Bees.

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