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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oh no! She's Arrived :(

I've been preparing for her arrival. Peppering my silks, vegetable oil down older silks. But that was just supposed to be insurance...you pay for it, but never hope you need it.

Well yesterday, I saw her...she found her way here...one of the few predators to worry about at this time of year...yes, its the dreaded Corn Earworm Moth.
Let's hope my efforts were not in vain. She's been hanging around the cowpeas also. Sigh...

In other news; the zukes still look great and are coming in everyday.
I know they are supposed to be bushes, but it looks like mine want to vine.
Here's an updated look at the garden.
Here's a look from the other side of the garden. In this pic, you can see the infamous banana pepper plants. They suffered a lot from the heat this summer (you can tell from the sunburned leaves). But now that temps have come down from 110 to 90, they are bouncing back and I'm picking a handful everyday.

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