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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Herb Garden Update

It has been a while since I updated you on my herb garden.
An herb garden is so easy to maintain. I forget to water it most of the time, but most herbs can handle low watering conditions. My plan was to allow them to grow throughout the summer; only harvesting what I needed for fresh use.  Before the first frost, I plan to severely cut them all back; harvesting quite a bit to dry or freeze.
 2012 10 15_8061
My rosemary hasn’t gotten as big as expected and the sage is much larger than expected. Next to the sage (bottom right); you can see the chives. There are three of them.

2012 10 15_8063

The lemon balm is really large. I honestly have no idea why I planted lemon balm. I think I had extra room. In front is the thyme. The little plant in front of the lemon balm is parsley; just starting out.

2012 10 15_8064
The top plant is french tarragon. It’s quite small, so I may not harvest much of it. Just below it (spreading along the ground) is the oregano. The brown stem in front of the oregano is the remains of the stevia. I chopped it down quite a bit. Note sure if it will come back or not. The small plant to the bottom left is the sweet marjoram….useful for making sausage.

2012 10 15_8065
The chocolate mint is beautiful and smells great too.

2012 10 15_8066
The rosemary has grown nicely. The gap between the two plants does have a smaller rosemary in there….it’s just been stuck behind a rather large zinna that has been pulled.

Missing from my herb garden pics is the cilantro; you saw that earlier this week. And I still have spots reserved for cumin and chamomile. I can’t get either to germinate. If I do; then I can’t get it to live beyond the seedling stage. As soon as I find one of those in a planted form; I will be buying it.


  1. I find lemon balm really invasive - it has taken over any space I've grown it in. I use it in teas though - lemon balm and mint is nic combination. I find I get cumin to seedling stage and then it dies too. I will keep trying though.

  2. I like lemon balm. The smell really is why I grow it. I have made lemon balm jelly twice this year just to keep the lemon balm under control. Check the comments section of this post, if you are interested in the recipe. http://twentyfootgarden.blogspot.com/2012/05/harvest-monday-may-28-2012.html