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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Basil Problems

Fall plantings bring their own set of problems. In my head, I think that fall should be easier than summer; but that just isn’t so. It isn’t harder either; its just different.
Like, I can’t leave any brassicas uncovered in fall because they will be eaten to the ground by grass hoppers, leaf miners, and cabbage worms. It seems that I also deal with more fungi in the fall; I guess because its not hot enough to quickly dry the plants after a good rain.
This weekend we had two days of rain and look at my basil now.
2012 10 01_7964
I have never seen black spots on basil. Sheesh. My whole crop is infected. I will pluck all of these leaves and hope for the best.
The 3D looking black spots aren’t spots….their poop. Poop from this thing:
2012 10 01_7963

I’ve also pulled 4 hornworms off my tomatoes; this after only pulling one this whole summer.
Fall is easier in some instances because the pace is much slower, but fall brings its own set of challenges.

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