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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Don’t throw out that Okra tree

We don’t buy our kids many toys. And they don’t miss them one bit. The few toys they do have; they don’t play with. They play with ……. stuff. Pretty much anything other than toys.

You remember those okra trees plants we pulled out a few weeks ago? They were never composted.
They were taken off by a little boy…
2012 08 25_7812
I wasn’t sure what he had planned for them, but over the next few weeks I watched those two boys play with those okra plants until they had withered away to nothing.
2012 09 01_7829
Literally…till they withered away to nothing.
2012 09 08_7879
Kids are so interesting. But I’ll count this as their contribution to our sustainably modern lifestyle. Okra plants turned boy-hood entertainment. Who would of thunk it?

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  1. That is AWESOME!! They could not have better toys, and I am sure that when they are grown, the happy memories will be of okra trees.