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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Last Summer Garden Harvest

So today is the day that we cleaned out the garden beds (started to anyway). We pulled all the squash, zukes, peas, and most of the eggplant. We left two eggplants because they each have eggplants that will ripen within the week.

So these will be our final squash and zukes of the season. Which is totally fine due to the huge ones I pulled a few days ago and the 6-9 bags full I already have frozen!
Pulling the squash and zukes gave us a chance to see exactly how big each plant had gotten. Here is a picture of ONE (yes ONE) squash plant. Seriously, this is one plant....one pull of one set of roots.
That's about 4'-5' of plant there.
I was also able to see why my zukes weren't as productive as my squash. Something got a hold of them. They all looked like this:
What you are seeing is a very small root ball and a lot of dead foliage mixed in with some live foliage. I am not sure what happened. They don't appear diseased, no evidence of chewing. Just entire stems were dead, while the plant itself was still alive.
I direct sowed these, so I never really knew how many distinct plants I had until now. I pulled 9 squash plants and 8 zukes. In my final report, I'll let you know how many pounds of fruit these plants yielded.

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