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Monday, November 14, 2011

Harvest Monday

Things are a little slow right now, but the fall harvest should start rolling in, in a couple of weeks *fingers crossed*.

I did get a few radish from the garden this week. I would like to harvest enough to make a couple of jars of radish relish. I haven't tried it before; actually I really have no idea how to eat radish. I tried it raw and it was fairly strong. I do like it's long tap roots and will keep planting to break up my clay soil.

We had an entire shelf of frozen tomatoes in our freezer from our spring garden; so we kept the canning movement going and canned all of the tomatoes. They became tomato sauce and salsa. I hope it all turned out fine. Next year we will definitely can the tomatoes while they are fresh. The tomato canning recipes don't call for much salt or sugar, so I am comfortable with that.

According to my records, I should be harvesting spinach, collards, and other things by now. I posted earlier that I think the weather was too warm for germination. Well, now I have another possible culprit. The sprinkler head that my drip irrigation is connected to is leaking. So my drip system has very little pressure...in other words...very little water is coming out. I only noticed this because I was out there on Saturday after it watered. So after we fix that, I hope the beds start to take off. I guess I should have guessed this, bc the bed closest to the sprinkler now has almost 100% germination. The bed furthest away has about 15%. Good thing I plan on growing through the winter.

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  1. I absolutely love radishes.I love the hot spicy taste. But I don't use them for anything except salad or just eating as a snack. I have heard you can actually cook them and cook the greens but I have never tried either one.

  2. Radishes are delicious sliced up and sauteed in a little olive oil and butter. They are also really good sliced up and added to diced/sliced cabbage in a coleslaw that has a sweet/tangy dressing. I hope your irrigation system fix helps the germination rate.

  3. Sustainably Modern11/17/11, 12:30 PM

    I will try both of these. I only tried it by itself raw and hadn't a clue what it would go good with. So I'll slice some into my next salad and I'll try cooking them and see how I like it that way.

  4. Your radishes look really good! I've never tried the long ones before.