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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes

We've been hauling in tomatoes by the wheelbarrow. By the end of this week, I'll have another load.

Here's a look at the tomato bed after the last major picking. They're starting to age, but you can see they have another load on them ripening as I type. With the heat we are experiencing, they'll be ripe before weeks end.

We had to do something with all these tomatoes before they started to go bad. The freezer is pretty full as is, so we went ahead and spent last weekend canning.

I'll start with the salsa (actually made a couple of weeks ago). This is our first year growing Cherokee Purple and we love them! They are nice and meaty...

perfect for .......

Yep. Salsa. This salsa was absolutely delicious...tasting better about 2 days later. We used Annie's Salsa recipe (scroll to very last post for the bath-water version of the recipe) which is a version of one of the recipes in the USDA guidebook.
We used the roma's to make more paste.
This paste will be used as paste (of course), but also to make ketchup and bbq sauce later.
We used the CP and Heinz to make sauce.
I went to bed and didn't realize that DH used quart jars to make sauce! So when we open them, we'll have to freeze what isn't used.
The Celebrity teamed up with garden grown bell peppers, onions, and garlic to make some Sofrito ( a Latin dish).
We later added rice to finish the meal.
I didn't get a picture, but we also used the Celebrity and my lone cuke to make some gazpacho.
We ran out of steam, so we've still got more tomatoes and canning to do. We will be using the rest of the Celebrity to make stewed tomatoes and chopped tomatoes to can.
As for those left on the bushes....anybody need tomatoes?


  1. I do! How many tomatoes did you plant anyway? You are definitely getting lots and lots of tomatoes from them. I picked a few of my own today but nothing like what you have there.

    1. 8 CP (I thought 9 but nope 8), 2 Heinz, 2 Roma, 3 Celebrity, 2 Black Cherry. The CP are lower yielding than the others and 3 of them aren't doing much. 1 of the BCs is doing great and the other has only yielded a handful. However, all the Heinz, Roma, and Celebrity are doing great. The Romas are small though plentiful.

  2. Great harvest! And great work putting it up for later. I know you'll be glad you did. I think the CP's just produce less, in general, than other tomatoes. I know that has always been my experience, any way.

  3. What a fabulous harvest - really really impressive and I love the variety of things you've done with them.

  4. Is there a shelter or food bank in your city? I normally donate what I can't use to them. I also take produce to my office.

    1. I haven't found one that will take fresh food yet.