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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Return of Squash - Pizza Crust

The 'Interesting stuff to cook with squash' series returns. We all know how prolific summer squash is; sending our families running for the hills when they see that 'we're having squash for dinner again'. So, as I find new, interesting, and yes - even sneaky - ways to feed my family squash, I'll share them with you. Just look for blog entries entitled 'The Return of Squash'.

This entry is a very interesting one. A pizza crust made from squash!
This proved to be a good, sneaky way to force your family to eat more of this prolific vegetable. You can use either zucchini or yellow squash. I used yellow. You could probably use patty pan as well. Summer squash is pretty interchangeable in recipes.

To finish the pizza off, I also used tomatoes, basil, and bell pepper from the garden. Add some cheese, seasoning, and whatever else you like and you have a tasty pizza on your hands. 
Final verdict? Superb! You can't taste the squash at all. The crust is very soft and moist. (I skipped the broiling part of the recipe that would have made the crust crunchy). I was able to slice this pizza easily with my fork. And...it tasted like pizza! This is definitely a keeper.


  1. I have no problem getting our squash eaten (not enough to worry about) but I really like this idea anyway!

  2. Great ideas! I love hiding veggies where they kids will never expect them!

  3. Great idea! I bookmarked this recipe. We're going to have to give this a try when the squash start taking over! I think I will broil it since I love the crust crunchy.

  4. What a neat idea! I will definitely be trying that out this year. We go through a lot of homemade pizzas in the summer.

  5. I've got to try this, sounds like a great way to have a healthy pizza crust. Thanks for the link!