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Monday, June 18, 2012

Tomatoes are Peaking

The garden is running on all cylinders  now. The harvests are coming in fast and furious. This week puts us over the 100 lb mark for the year (see tally in right sidebar). ALL HANDS ON DECK!
The harvest is coming in by the bucket full and barrel full. (sorry kids we only need it for a minute)
Some things are collectively large.
Some things are individually large. (how did 4 people miss this monster)
We're even harvesting more than just food.
From earlier this week.
From Saturday.
Yea, I would say that the tomatoes are definitely peaking.
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  1. Wow! Look at all those lovely tomatoes! The picture of the harvest in the kids wheelbarrow is just darling. Love it!

  2. Look at that lovely harvest! Your garden is going great! Congratulations.

  3. Wow! That is a LOT of produce. My tomatoes are ripening one at a time though there is a whole lot out there.

  4. Holy moly, you had an amazing week. The photo with all the tomatoes just made me smile. I love it when the kitchen counter looks like that!

  5. Wow...Your tomatoes are doing really good! I am still waiting on my first tomato of the year!

  6. Wow lots of produce. We are jealous of your tomatoes. We will still be 6 weeks or more before we have those kinds of totals!!

  7. wow what an amazing week you've had! i have to get busy and find my calculator; I haven't totaled up Mays yet and here it is nearly the end of June! Love all those big tomatoes!

  8. What an amazing harvest week you had! Those tomatoes look wonderful. Are the small ones blach cherry type or something else? They look very tasty. Zucchini, purple and yellow peppers look so yummy!

    1. Yep, they are black cherry and taste great!

  9. It's amazing how those giant zucchinis can hide so well! You've tomato harvest looks delicious and large. Enjoy!

  10. Oh wow that all looks fabulous. I rarely get that many tomatoes at one time - must be really satisfying. I love black cherry tomatoes so i am coveting them the most.