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Friday, March 2, 2012

Mystery Plant Revealed!!!!

Last fall I planted my herb-rock garden; most of which never germinated. However, a few things did germinate and ---of course --- I lost my diagram that showed what I had planted where.

No problem right? Their herbs, they will show there true identity sooner or later. Right?

Well for the entire winter I had this mystery herb planted. I couldn't figure out what it was for the anything. My earliest guess was sage, but as it grew, it looked less and less like sage.  I knew it wasn't a weed, so I decided not to pull it. I guessed that it was a perennial because it survived 3-5 freezes with very little injury. I pulled leaves and conducted a smell test from time to time; but there was no distinct smell.

Well yesterday, I walked around to my herb garden and the mystery plant had revealed itself. As soon as I saw it, I knew exactly what it was....Do you?

Have you figured it out? Blue flowers. It's Borage! Sweet! I have plenty of lettuce growing so I can try the flowers in my salad. This Borage is definitely bigger than I thought it would get and -keep in mind- that this thing was planted in September and grew this size during the winter.
One mystery solved! But now I have another mystery plant growing under the borage in the herb garden. When I got a closer look at the Borage, I saw this growing right next to it. Now what is this? Time to look at some more pictures of herbs to try and figure it out. My early guess is dill? a parsley? It's right next to the cilantro; which you can see in the background (bottom right), so I know its not cilantro.
sOh well, the cilantro is doing wonderfully
and so is the Parsley?

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