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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Aftermath

The blog has been silent recently. I haven't been able to do much in the garden because of all the rain we have been getting. Much needed rain, mind you...so I am not complaining. The last bit of rain was a doozy. It came with very high winds and flash flooding. I wasn't sure how the garden and my recently planted seedlings would respond to such a beating.

In all, we got about 4.5" of rain in a few hours. And its raining again today (two days later).

The wind was so high that it blew down 8 of our fence sections. Not good. How did the garden do?

I'll start with the boy's garden. You can see where the water pooled and where it flowed through the garden. Everything in this bed withstood the storm fairly well. Some of the leaves were muddy; from what I guess was a mini-flood. But other than that, all is well here.

The artichoke came through like a champ and has really responded well to being transplanted into the ground.
Now to the grown up garden:
The eggplants took a beaten. I had to scrape mud off their leaves, but they look like they should survive.
Most of the peppers seem to be mostly unfazed; even though they are in the same bed as the eggplants. There was one pepper casualty and it was the only storm casualty as of now.
Another interesting storm development was that the spinach lost their first leaves; only their true leaves survived. I hope they fair well, because we are out of spinach!
Also unfazed were the potatoes, garlic, new and old lettuce plants, the tomatoes (with muddy leaves), and the herbs. So, for the most part, the storm only caused some minor battering, but it also brought about this:
a rattlesnake bean making its entrance into the world; just three days after they were planted (and I didn't water them after they were planted because I saw the rain in the forecast...so only one day after they were 'watered'). Welcome.


  1. That's a lot of rain! Glad most things just had muddy leaves. Sorry to hear about your wind damage to your fence.

  2. Wow, it's sounds like you had one bad storm! Too bad about your fence. I am always amazed at how tough plants are and what that can survive outside.

  3. I know what you mean about that wind! Not sure where you are in Texas, but we got blown about here in Waco too. All my plants survived, but not without some torn leaves!