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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Harvest Preview

I don't have much coming in out of the garden right now, but things are moving along nicely. The garden is showing a lot of promise of things to come.

The Improved Tendergreen Green Beans are blooming

So are the Cannellini Beans

The elephant garlic is producing a seed head that I definitely hope to capture some viable seed from. Elephant Garlic is EXPENSIVE.

This isn't the best picture, but the bell peppers have plenty of blooms and even a pepper or two on them. You can see a pepper if you look towards the bottom of the right stem.

The nasturium are beginning to flower. These were planted to deter squash bugs.

And the bush tomatoes have all started to produce. These are Celebrity. Can you find the 4 tomatoes?

One of the Rosa Bianca eggplants are about to bloom

The fish peppers are starting to fill out and look so great. I have been pinching their blooms because they were too small, but now they are filling in nicely. I love the varigated look of these plants.

The celery has filled out and it may be ready to harvest. They are close to 12" tall. I need to read up on that because I have no clue.

The basil is planted with the tomatoes and they have been covered by a net for the last two weeks. During that time they grew from about 3" tall to about 12"! The chewing bugs had stunted their growth. Now I can start harvesting a leaf or two if needed.

This tomato is absolutely covered with blooms. I added another tie to the stake so the stem doesn't break under the weight of carrying all that fruit. This is a Heinz. All of the yellow you see are blooms.

I accidently severed this tomato about two weeks ago. It wasn't a complete severe, more like a half severe. I used a piece of PVC (see middle bottom of the pic) as a stint and mounded soil around the wound....the tomato kept on growing as if nothing had happened. It could use some water, but other than that, it is just fine.

I'll update you on my war with the ants later, but for now, let's enjoy some Royal Burgundy bean blooms that are growing among my potatoes. I planted them there as companions to deter the potato beetles that might find my potato patch. Too bad they don't deter ants...does anything?

Since my artichoke and basil have been doing so well under the tulle. I decided to cover my okra. These should be much taller by now, but they have been getting eaten as well. Let's see how they bounce back after being covered for a while. I guess I uncovered them too earlier bc they were covered before.
Artichoke has gotten large since being covered

Covered Okra still < 6" tall

I'll give an update on the entire garden later this week.

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