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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Garden Tour May 2012

It's been almost a month since the last garden tour. I think you'd be surprised at how much has happened in the garden. I want to do this tour month, so that you and I can see how the garden changes as time goes by.

We'll start with the boy's garden AKA garden for extra plants and mama's experiments. The top picture (for all the pics below) is what the garden looked like at the beginning of April. The bottom picture is what the garden looks like today (a month later).

Bed 1 and 2
Bed 1 is an experiment to see how growing Spring brassicas would work. The okra (in Bed 2) was being eaten, so I have covered it; but you can still see that they are about 6-8" taller. The should be even taller after a month, but the bugs helped keep them trimmed. The angle of the camera if off a bit; but the eggplant is taller than the onions. Several of the peppers have blooms.

Bed 3&4
There was a (wild) rabbit hiding under my pole beans. These rabbits have lived on our property for years now. They don't really bother us. But it scared the mess out of me when all of a sudden my beans started moving and out ran a rabbit. It ran around in circles for a minute trying to decide where to go. My 3 year old is convinced that I am scared of rabbits; he can distinguish 'it scared me' from 'I'm scared of it'. Kids....lol.

Bed 5 & 6

Bed 7 & 8
Not much progress amongst the cowpeas; this is because I recently planted them. Cowpeas handle the Texas heat fairly well, so I didn't rush them into the ground.
Now, for the potatoes. As you can see, a month ago, there were potatoes on the right side of the bed and a potato in the burlap bag (see bottom right of top pic). Now, the right side of the bed has been mowed down by ants, as has the potato in the burlap bag. More on this war later.

Bed 9 & 10
Cucumbers aren't ready to start climbing the trellis yet; but they had just germinated a month ago. You can't see them bc the spring onions are in the way.

Bed 11 & 12
In between beds 11 & 12 is a broccoli plant that I allowed to go to seed.....just waiting for the seed pods to dry. The sweet potatoes have been a little slow to take off; but they are starting to now that the overnight lows are in the 60s again.


  1. Everything is growing great. You can really see how much with the side by side pictures. Very nice.

  2. Comparing the growth at the start and the end of the month is fascinating. Quite phenomenal in some instances. Your beans seem to be doing particularly well.