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Monday, November 19, 2012

What’s for Thanksgiving Harvest

I failed to give you guys a garden tour this month. I did the tour, but the pictures didn’t come out so great; with the short days I haven’t been able to get better pictures.

But this week, I will share with you what was (and what may be) harvested for Thanksgiving.

1.8 lbs of broccoli, bunches of sage (to make rubbed sage), and an onion. I found this onion while cleaning out the summer crops. It was a seedling that had recently sprouted. I decided to see if it would bulb and this is what I got. I have a couple more still out there; I’ll pull at different times to see how they do.
2012 11 18_83472012 11 18_83482012 11 17_8361

Now for what is ready to be harvested. Romaine and Red Sails lettuce. They are beautiful. I also have a few more heads of broccoli that have started to head (one of those not so great pictures I told you about).
2012 11 17_83562012 11 10_8305

I also have a bed of turnip greens that could use a trimming. The gaps in the greens contain a small cabbage seedling. These are Seven Top turnips, so they won’t produce a useable bulb. The collard greens are also of a trimmable size. In front of the collards you can see the garlic tops. They are sizing up nicely and should have plenty of green tops before spring hits.
2012 11 10_82892012 11 10_8286

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  1. Very impressive! Your greens are lovely.

  2. My onions have been growing for months but they seem to be refusing to bulb. Perhaps next month. Yours look great.