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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Make Rubbed Sage

One of the great Thanksgiving traditions is turkey and dressing. In the South, we don’t do stuffing….we do dressing. Dressing made from cornbread…..cornbread made from yellow cornmeal – not sweet cornbread either.

One of the main ingredients of dressing (other than the cornbread of course) is rubbed sage. Rubbed sage, is basically sage crumbled very fine so that it will distributed quite evenly throughout the dish.

Since I have a huge sage bush in the garden that could use a good trimming (see the before (1st) and after (2nd) photo); I decided to make my own this year.
2012 11 10_8309 2012 11 17_8360

Here’s how it’s made:

Step 1
Harvest your sage. You shouldn’t harvest more than 1/3rd of the plant at a time. You can wash down your sage bush the day before you plan to harvest. This should get rid of any bugs or dirt that may be on it.
2012 11 17_8361

Step 2
Dry your sage. You can air dry it or dry it in a dehydrator. I used a dehydrator. Sage is a low moisture herb, so it doesn’t take long to dry. I dried it for about two hours.
2012 11 18_8343
Actually I split my harvest into two. I dried half of it in the dehydrator and the other half is air drying. I just want to see if there is a visible difference. I’ll update you once the air drying sage is done.

Step 3
Place your dried sage in a bowl and
2012 11 18_8344
Crumble  the dried sage with your fingers.
2012 11 18_8345

Step 4
Press the crumbled sage through a strainer. This will get it fine and crumbly and remove any left over stems or sage leaves that didn’t crumble.
2012 11 18_8346
2012 11 18_8349

Step 5
Put the sage into a dry, sterilized jar. I ended up with 1 cup of rubbed sage.
2012 11 18_8350
This sage plant cost me $3 in the spring. I would say that it has already paid me back. Have you seen the price of sage lately?

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  1. Very nice! My ducks ate my sage plant :(