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Monday, November 12, 2012

Fall’s First Harvest

Finally, a fall harvest. I didn’t get to post last week, so this is actually two weeks of  harvest.
The bean plants were probably harmed the most by the light frost we got, but that beans themselves showed no sign of damage. I’ve been harvesting them by the bowl to the tune of 8 lbs. You ate looking at Tendergreen Improved, Blue Lake, and Kentucky Wonder – in order shown.
 2012 11 06_83412012 11 04_81882012 11 04_8189

I also finally harvested that kohlrabi that was growing. It weighed in at an eight of a pound and was roasted in the oven with garlic and salt.
2012 11 06_8342

Along with the green beans, I have been harvesting celery. Yes, celery. I left a celery plant in the middle of my tomato bed, so it was under the tomato jungle throughout the summer. Well it survived 100+ temps under there without bolting. I harvested from it a few weeks ago and again this week. Its still in the garden and I hope to harvest from it again. I chop my celery and dry it (for soups) and freeze it for casserole-type dishes (like dressing!).
2012 11 10_8328

My  pepper plants were loaded with peppers when t he frost came. Thankfully the peppers themselves weren’t harmed. I harvested about 10 lbs of bell peppers; sliced-diced-and froze them for later use.
2012 11 09_8336

I also harvested about 5 lbs of fish peppers. 5 lbs is a LOT because the peppers are slightly smaller than jalapenos. They sure make for a beautiful arrangement.

2012 11 11_8280

Not pictured is a huge head of broccoli that weighed in at .8 lbs. My broccoli is doing very well this year. With almost all of the plants forming heads. I should be able to harvest two more this week. I hope the side shoot production is prolific. If not, I’d need two beds full of broccoli to cover this family’s broccoli requirements.

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  1. As always your getting fabulous volumes of veg. Its interesting that your celery survived amid the tomatoes - I will have to lose some plants myself.

  2. Your kohlrabi is so much better looking than mine. 5 pounds of pepper, that sure is a lot.