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Monday, July 2, 2012

A Little of This and That

The tomatoes have probably given their last harvest this week. The 100 degree temps are here and the bushes look rather old. That's fine. We've got enough to last us till fall. The seedlings are coming along nicely. We also got a little more variety this week. We got our first Diva cukes and the okra is really picking up.

As these crops die down; I've got another crop or two just getting started:
Yep, that's a cantaloupe growing in my walking row. I relocated it into its bed and found about 6 more growing. One or two may be ready is a week or so. Also found 2 watermelon. This nice hot weather should sweeten them nicely.

Click on over to Daphne's Dandelions Harvest Monday to see more harvest....my tomatoes are dying, but others are just getting started.


  1. My goodness, what a huge and varied harvest of gorgeous vegetables! I love it when the garden produces enough to cover my entire counter top. I have quite a while to go before that happens.

  2. The spaghetti squash and butternut look delicious along with all those tomatoes. Oh and popcorn.. how fun! I've thought about growing some, but I don't have enough room to keep it from cross pollinating with my sweet corn and I can't part with growing sweet corn.

  3. That is a lot of harvesting. You must have a nice sized garden. My tomatoes are doing fine and I have some more just about ready to pick. I believe the squash died though. I do have a volunteer squash that I think is an acorn squash that is doing fine though. Today I planted more beans, cucumbers and swiss chard. I don't know if they will do anything this time of year but I figured I wouldn't know unless I tried.

  4. I need to complain about your post title today. There is not a "little" of any thing in your harvest this week!! Wow, that's a load of produce, I'm very impressed.

    Do your squashes store very long in your warmer area? Our squash isn't ready until September and by then the basement has cooled off enough that we can store them all winter.

  5. Great haul - you have a really productive garden. That popcorn is a great colour.

  6. You are obviously doing well by your garden - because it is rewarding you with quite a bounty. The butternuts and tomatoes really catch my eye.

  7. What an awesome harvest and terrific variety!

  8. What an awesome harvest! Can't believe you already have so many squash and tomatoes!

  9. Are your tomato seedlings in the ground or did you start them out in flats or pots? I'm wondering if I'm too late starting mine!

    Beautiful harvest, as always!

  10. Amazing! I must stop complaining about the Tennessee heat when you've been producing such a great harvest in much hotter North Texas!

    How do you do it?! Does your garden get shade in the hottest part of the afternoon? Do you have everything on drip irrigation? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Also, I didn't see a way to email you directly, but would you be willing/interested to exchange blogroll links with my own gardening blog, http://GardenofAaron.com? Feel free to email me back at garden.of.aaron AT gmail dot com.

    Gracias and many kudos for the harvest. Truly inspiring!

    PS - Agree with one of the other comments - would love to know the size of your garden bed!