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Monday, August 6, 2012

Burned Out

I can't believe its been so long since my last post (last post was a scheduling accident). I guess you can say that I've been burned out; literally and figuratively.

The Texas heat has arrived. There have been daily heat advisories for weeks now. It's far to hot to be out in the garden. By the time its cool enough (around 8pm), its time to get the boys ready for the next day. So - in as sense - the heat burned us out of the garden.

The good news though is that we timed things perfectly...glad I kept good notes. Just as the heat started to set in; most of our spring garden was done. All we have to do now is harvest the few beds still putting out and occasionally clean out a bed for fall.

Here's a look at what we are still harvesting here in the Texas heat (last few weeks):

Bell Peppers gave a good harvest and I expect more as temperatures cool.
The fish peppers are still putting out quite well. These are just smallers than I like.
The okra seem to love this heat and have been unfazed.
The cucumbers also like the heat and have started producing several nice size cukes every few days. We've jarred 6 jars of pickles thus far.
We've also pulled 4 3-lb canteloupe from the garden and two pots full of peas, but I don't have pics.
All of these are still putting out. The roma tomatoes are still putting out as well; we just pull and use those as needed.
Summer squash could also survive this heat, but the squash bugs got those long ago. Also surviving the heat.....
It may not be so hot in other parts of the country/world, so click on over to Dapne's Dandelions Harvest Monday and see how other gardeners are fairing in their summer.


  1. I was looking forward to seeing what your garden was doing. I'm trying to figure out when to plant seeds for the fall garden--especially carrots and such. Beautiful peppers you have there!

    1. For fall, I have already started my tomatoes and peppers (they are almost 6 weeks old now). I just started the first of my broccoli and cabbage last week. Carrots can be done in September; they can take a light frost. Last year I learned that you have to start things early enough so that the days are still long enough for them to get good growth before things start to cool off. I also learned that we have to start them indoors because the soil is too hot for germination until late Sept - October.

  2. I am glad you are back. I was wondering about you just today. :)

  3. Well for being "burned out" you are still pulling in some very nice harvests! I hope the heat gives you a break soon.

  4. Really nice looking peppers! And okra is not bad either :)

  5. I am going to start some fall gardening. My tomatoes are about done and it is time to pull them and put something else in.