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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Garlic Progress

So my garlic is coming along nicely. I have been reading about when to harvest it. From what I have found, this should be done when 4-6 leaves are left. The leaves represent wrappers around the clove and you want several wrappers left in tact to ad storage. I went out to check my garlic and all of them have a dead leaf or two; but all of them also still have 6-8 live leaves. So I will continue to watch every day (I read that as the weather warms, those leaves could go quickly). But looks like I will have garlic very soon. I have 6-9 different varieties planted and looks like some are closer than others.

While out counting leaves, I noticed some other interesting developments as well:

On the left set of the pictures, you see garlic that appears to have multiple cloves developing. Like a clove within a clove or clove next to a clove. I say this because there seems to be a seperate set of leaves developing. Has anyone seen this before? It is only happening with one or two varieties.

Top right is my elephant garlic with scapes. Hmmm. I think I may harvest those scapes OR do I want the bulbits since elephant garlic is so expensive to buy?

Bottom right is garlic with scapes! I circled the scapes. I didn't expect any scapes because they don't occur on softnecks. However, these scapes are occuring on the grocery store garlic that I planted, so who knows what variety that is. So I may have a harvest to share next monday afterall :).

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  1. I am waiting on my garlic too. It is pretty close.