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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Around the Garden

As I was walking around the garden this week, I saw a few things that I thought that I would share.

Call me silly, but I am amazed at how these beans are climbing the trellis netting that I provided for them. I simply hung the trellis and planted a bean under each vertical string. This places them about 7" apart. I find it fascinating that they 'grab' onto the string and begin climbing it without any assistance from me. In a way, its like they're....intelligent. A few naughty beans grabbed on to their neighbor's string, but for the most part, they are all well behaved.

The first tomatoes of the season are developing. All of my bush (celebrity, heinz, roma) plants have tomatoes on them. They are all about two feet tall right now. I am contemplating pulling these premature toms to allow the plants to get a little larger before they start blooming. Determinates only bloom for a limited time and I want more blooms before they decide to stop growing. None of my indeterminates have tomatoes yet.
My spring planted onions are starting to flower...just a few of them. They were an experiment to see if I could plant them in spring. I bought small onion plants, planted them in January, and hoped they would have time to bulb before the spring heat arrived. Looks like these will all end up being scallions.

1 comment:

  1. My onions are not starting to flower but they aren't making any bulbs either.
    I have my first tomato as well but it is on one of my hanging basket tomatoes. I would never pull them off though. I just wouldn't be able to do that, lol.