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Monday, April 2, 2012

April Flowers

My garden is at the point where I have pulled all the Fall stuff and I am now waiting for the spring stuff to mature. So instead, I thought I'd share a harvest of a different kind with you.

The saying goes: April Showers bring May Flowers. But I've already got a few blooming flowers.

I would like to call this bloom my first 'Harvest' for Spring 2012. I didn't actually pick the flower, but its appearance in my garden serves a very important purpose. If you've heard of the book 'Tomatoes Love Carrots', then you can guess what I am talking about. Companion Planting.

Tomatoes also love Marigolds and many gardeners interplant marigolds in their tomato beds. Many insects can't stand the smell of marigolds; namely white fly and aphids - two that love to attack tomatoes. Marigolds also expel a chemical that kills the bad nematodes in the ground.

This marigold is one of many in my tomato bed. It is the first one to bloom. So, though this isn't a traditional harvest (one that you pull and take into the house to consume or preserve); this bloom serves a very important purpose.

I also wanted to share the first bloom from my rose bushes:
I also have two zinna's blooming, but didn't get pictures of those. For more harvests, hop on over to Daphne's.


  1. I love marigolds. I am glad yours are blooming. I was late (for this year anyway with this weird weather) planting my marigolds. They have just germinated.

  2. No marigolds blooming in these parts quite yet, but the rhododendrens are about to put on their amazing display. Buds are swelling and hints of color can be seen on them.

  3. My marigods are putting on a show already as well and I am very pleased. I need to plant more now while I'm thinking of it. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I love marigolds too. I have a special variety called Ground Control. It is made to keep nematodes at bay. At my last house I had a problem with them, so I never planted a tomato without a marigold to go with it. And then the marigolds would proceed to take over the paths as I wouldn't let the foliage grow much inside the bed.

  5. well my marigolds haven't even germinated yet; I don't have nematodes to deal with but I like their cheery yellow & orange blooms. I've also discovered the edible Lemon Gem ;-)

  6. I will be planting marigolds among my tomato plant this year. Thanks for the tip.

  7. I was planning on planting some marigolds with my tomatoes this year before I forgot...thanks for the reminder ;-)