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Sunday, February 12, 2012

I absolutely cannot believe what I saw today!

I had just pulled into my driveway and I saw something reddish on camellia. I slowed down to take a closer look and this is what I saw.

I almost burst into tears. You see Camellia, she's special to me. My husband and I built our home together and we designed all of our landscaping. This was my first time ever having a yard in my life. My first time choosing plants and placing them. I remember the day I bought her; from Home Depot. I had a special job for her; she was to announce that winter would soon end. I chose a special spot for her. The north east corner of our front yard; she would get morning sun, be protected from hot afternoon sun, and will get some of the late evening sun after the hottest part of the day had past. She was to be the cornerstone of our front landscaping transitioning the front yard to the side yard. I had read enough that I didn't expect her to bloom for a couple of years. Two years passed, three, then four. She had betrayed me. She was lush and beautifully green, but not a bloom in sight. I finally learned that my soil had a ph of 7.0 and she preferred acidic soil. So I came to the cruel conclusion that she would never bloom; but she would still be my cornerstone. She was my first afterall. Then today, eight years later, I come home and she is blooming in all her glory. Blooms are every where. She's made her appearance and her message is loud and clear....Winter Will Soon End.

Blooms in February! Exactly what I wanted you for. Thank you Camellia! Better late than never....


  1. Beautiful plant!! Our first hint that winter is about to end is when the crocus poke their heads out and start to bloom. We still have a solid month until that will start to happen!! :(

  2. I love corcus, but our winters don't stay cold enough to grow them (or tulips) as anything but annuals; so I passed. Too expensive to grow them as annuals; so I'll just enjoy pictures of yours :).