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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

State of the Garden Address - Part I

In honor of the latest State of the Union address, I decided that I will give a State of the Garden Address.

The first part of my address will cover what is and the second part will cover what's to come. But unlike most politicians, my address will be all about the facts.

Like the state of our union, my garden has its bright spots and its challenges.

First the bright spots.

My sole broccoli plant is still producing side shoots!

The garlic looks wonderful

Another broccoli plant is producing a head

The Lettuce looks great
Some of the Onion is doing beautifully
The collards and spinach are still producing after many harvests and the garlic is doing very good as well.

For the challenges;
Well I don't have pictures of the challenges, but they are:
- All of the grocery store garlic in Bed 3 has died.
- My carrots didn't germinate as well as I had hoped and they don't appear very big given the size of their tops
- The following also did not germinate at all (all direct sown): turnips, onion, leeks, and most of the broccoli. I know some of this was due to bad timing, some due to watering issues, and some due to weeds....live and learn right.

Now, I know that most State of the Unions do not have commercial breaks. But I've gotta do this in two parts, so stay tuned for Part II --- What's to Come?

1 comment:

  1. I only have one spinach plant that actually germinated in the winter. I don't eat much as the oxidic acid found within is harmful in high levels. Sorrel also contains o-acid, most gardeners are afraid to grow it.

    My garlic isn't as tall as yours and my lettuce is suffering through the winter but most hasn't bolted out yet!

    Keep the posts coming! xx