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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Welcome to our family gardening blog! We are so excited to share our gardening adventures with everyone. This is not our first garden. We have had several over the years. BUT, this is the first year that we have been serious about gardening....mainly because food prices are getting outrageous. But we also realized how good food from our garden tastes. Its nothing like getting fresh food from the garden.

After so many food recalls in 2009-2010, I decided to learn more about the food that I was buying in grocery stores and at restaurants. Let me just tell you that what I discovered was disgusting, appauling, and disgraceful. Imagine going to a restuarant and ordering a meal that costs you at least $15 and they make portions of it from powder. I WANT REAL FOOD. The things they feed the animals that are butchered.....cows are natural vegetarians, so why feed them anything else! And the chemicals that they ruthlessly spray on the food that I prepare for my family. Anyone who has kept a farm has felt the devestation of losing a crop to a disease or insect infestation. Well, imagine if that crop was your livelihood. What corners would you cut, what chemicals would you spray to save your crop which in turns saves your income, your house, your family's livelihood? And the chances of it being traced back to your farm....have they figured out where the last salmonella outbreak came from?

So of course, we are organic farmers and our ultimate goal is to -- eventually -- raise almost all of our vegetables and most of our fruit. We hope to raise extra to donate to local food shelters. We hope to become skilled enough so that once we retire, we can supplement our income by growing most of our food!

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