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Monday, July 25, 2011

Last Summer Garden Planted

So this weekend (7/22) I planted our late summer garden. The goal for this garden is to begin harvesting mid-late September. We hope to complete harvesting by the end of October and then plant a fall garden.

For the late summer garden, we've planted:

Started Indoors (All Burpee Seeds from Home Depot)
Burpee Hybrid Eggplants (sulfur mixed with compost in the hole), , Jalapeno Early Peppers (sulfur), Red Roster Hybrid Red Bell Peppers(sulfur), , Bi-Licious Corn, Butterstick Hybrid Yellow Squash, Burpee's Fordhock Zucchini Squash

Started Outdoors (All Burpee Seeds from Home Depot)
Ruby Queen Hybrid Corn, Pinkeye Purple Hull Cowpeas (inoculant in the hole), Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans (two weeks after corn; inoculant in the hole)

Planted for Companionship
Radish, Nasturium, Marigold, Borage, Cilantro -- all planted to repel insects.

Since I was planting transplants that were started indoors. I also fertilized everything with 4 cups alfalfa pellets, 1/2 cup bone meal, 1/4 cup blood meal, 1/2 cup epsom salt. I did not add any lime because my soil's ph is 7.0, so it can use a little extra sulfur. I just sprinkled this above the compost (ground) and watered everything. I also used blood meal because my soil tested as low in nitrogen; otherwise, it is not needed.
Here are some pics of the new garden:

So here is the Late Summer garden bed. It extends just past my spring bed (where the spring tomatoes have stopped producing, the spinach has been long gone, the broccoli never came to a head, but the onions are still perked upright. The peppers are just beyond the tomato plants you see in the old (further) bed).

This late summer garden is employing the three sisters technique. The 1st 4 rows are squash, corn, and beans. The last (closest to camera) three rows are peas and eggplant...incorporating the same three sister type of alternating setup.

Until the transplants get a little taller, I have left them unmulched. So the mulch that you see is in the walking rows. The dirt you see is where the food is planted and I don't want to lose them under the mulch yet. The mulch is newspaper covered by straw hay.

New Pepper Bed (in old bed beyond the tomatos, next to spring planted banana peppers that are still slowly producing).

Bi-Licious Corn planted in a diamond....beans will be planted between each corn plant two weeks after the corn was planted. Borage is planted in the center....may not sprout, may be too hot for it.
Squash - planted in a triangle; marigold planted in the center, nasturium just outside the triangle...hope they emerge.
Purple Hull Cow Peas; radish planted in the center

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