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Friday, April 5, 2013

Mystery Solved

Throughout the winter, I’ve had this huge plant growing in one of my beds. I thought it was broccoli, but it never formed a head.
2013 02 17_9052
I figured I had some contaminated seed. Instead of pulling it, I continued to let it grow. The bed is 4’ across and you can see that this one plant is covering about half of its width.

Then about two weeks ago, I came out and saw this
2013 03 24_8728

YAY! It’s a romanesco broccoli (or cauliflower).
2013 03 29_8714
I pulled it a few days later at about 2 lbs.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t look like a keeper. The plant grew too large, it took entirely too long to head, and it doesn’t look like it produces side shoots. Actually, I think that this cool, slow spring is the only reason I even got a head before it bolted. A normal spring and it probably would have never formed a head.

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  1. Wow...well, fun discovery even if you couldn't use it!