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Monday, April 8, 2013

Cleaning up the Garden Harvest

I was out planting the spring garden today and had no plans on harvesting anything. However, I noticed that some of my turnip plants had started to bolt. So I decided to go ahead and harvest the rest of the turnip greens before I lost them as well. I grow turnips for the tops; not the bulbs.

I ended up with a pot full of turnip greens; which is about $5 worth. Not bad; but I definitely need to figure out how to grow more.
2013 04 07_9168

I then went over to the herb garden and noticed that several things could use a good haircut. The rosemary and sage could use a nice trimming.
2013 04 07_9103
I trimmed the rosemary, but left the sage alone because ….
2013 04 07_9104
…. its about to bloom! I can’t wait to see it.

The cilantro was in bad need of a haircut. It is in full flower, so I need to figure out if its any good after it has flowered. I gave it a good trimming anyway. Here it is before the trimming:
2013 04 07_9105

The chives and thyme aren’t too out of control; but I decided to trim them also.

Here’s what I ended up with:

2013 04 07_9169

thyme; lemon thyme; chives
2013 04 07_9170

2013 04 07_9171

and the flowering cilantro.
2013 04 07_9172

I measure my herbs after they have been dried; which is occurring as I type this. I did leave some of the flowering cilantro in the herb garden to reseed itself and for coriander seed.


  1. I find coriander dies after it has finished flowering. Occasionally it puts on some more green leaves if I trim the flower heads but in my experience not that many. But it may well like your climate better than mine.

    1. I did some looking on google and found that cilantro leaves lose their flavor once it flowers. I noticed that the smell wasn't as strong as it usually is, so I think I may have waited too late. A few leaves still had a smell, so I'll keep those and toss the rest.

      It will die back to the ground in the next few weeks and should reappear in late summer.

  2. Very informative.

    I just lovvveee turnip greens!

    1. My favorite! With cornbread :). I harvested quite a bit last fall, but we have eaten all of that. I need to learn to plant and grow it so that I have get two pots a week: one to eat and one to freeze....YUMMY!

  3. Look at all those wonderful herbs. Sadly I lost one of my sage plants last year. I was so disappointed. I'm growing a couple more. I'll have to put them around.

  4. Love the herbs - all we have in Buffalo, NY now is chives coming up. Can't wait for warmer weather and the herbs and veggies. How do you get on your blog list? Tina @ www.courageouschick.com