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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Meet Diamond


What have we done!?


We think that Goldilocks is a Cochin. Cochins aren’t very productive egg layers; laying about two eggs per week. The Rhode Island Red will lay about five eggs per week. We were hoping for closer to 10 eggs per week so we can share. So the only solution is to buy another chick. A third chick won’t cost much more…right?


We decided on a Barred Rock; which gives us another 5 eggs per week. We named her Diamond; see the diamond shape on her head.

2013 02 08_8688


She looks to be about a week younger than the other two, so I was concerned about putting her in the brooder with them. I left her in the box that she came in and placed that in the brooder. Within a minute, she had flown/jumped out of it. Sandie and Goldilocks pretty much ignored her for a while. They peaked at her a little.

2013 02 08_8687

She decided to take a nap because she was tired from all the excitement. They slept apart (as shown below) for the first two nights.

2013 02 08_8695

But after that second night, a nice family had been formed. Now they take care of Diamond and she holds her own against them quite well.

2013 02 09_8684


  1. I think three is a good number but that's mainly because I like things in threes rather than any knowledge of chickens behaviour. We have three chicks too.