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Monday, February 11, 2013

Eggs? Did I mention Eggs?


Yes, I did mention in the previous post that we expect to harvest eggs later this summer. Yes, we have been thrust into the world of backyard chickens. We’ve been thinking about chicken keeping for sometime now, but never took the plunge. A co-worker ordered a few too many chicks and asked if I wanted to take any off her hands. Sure, why not? Sure, why not?! Who says that to taking a couple of chicks!


Well ready or not, here they came. The kids were so excited. We went to the feed store and got them food, a feeder, a watering dish, and a heat lamp. We also got some wood chips. $20 later, the chicks brooder box was ready. All we needed were the chicks.

2013 02 01_8525


Finally the chicks arrived! Meet Sandie and Goldilocks.

2013 02 01_8529


I wasn’t sure what types of chicks we would end up with. She ordered Rhode Island Reds and White Rocks. Turns out the hatchery sent some extra chicks (just in case any died in transit).  We ended up with a Rhode Island Red and one of the extras. We knew it wasn’t a White Rock because our chick has furry feet. White Rocks don’t have furry feet. We think this chick is a Cochin.

2013 02 01_8530

Isn’t she a cutie.


The chicks checking out their new digs.

2013 02 01_8532


Here is our setup. We have since covered the top with chicken wire and we have ‘unclosed’ the box. The box was semi-closed to get the correct temperature.

                                                                                                                                                                    2013 02 01_85382013 02 01_8539


  1. Good luck with your little guys! I would love to have chickens but I don't think our neighborhood would be a safe spot for them. Maybe some day!

  2. Looks good. I was worried about the one picture where the heat lamp was touching the box but I see that is fixed in the last picture. Don't stress about the temperature too much,t they will let you know if it is too cold or too hot(too cold huddled together, to hot hugging the sides of the box away from the heat). It could be a cochin but there are a lot of chicken breeds with feathered legs. It will just have to be a mystery for a while :)

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  4. We got chicks on the weekend too, 3 cross breeds, they are curently going cheep, cheep from their box on the lounge room floor. Very cute aren't they?