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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Herb Update

I keep forgetting that I have an herb garden. This is because it is on the opposite side of the house. The vegetable garden is on the garage side of the house. The herb garden is on the other side, but is closest to a door that leads to the kitchen...see my reasoning. Maybe I should move it and just make that a flower bed. I imagined running out that door to grab some fresh cilantro or basil. Maybe it should stay. I just need to remember to walk over there more.

Anyway it had bad germination as well. But this is completely understandable, given that I planted it and forgot it was there for two weeks, then left on a two week vacation (it's not connected to the automated sprinklers). So anything I get from here (this fall) is a total bonus.

What is most surprising is that anything is alive here. Not only does it get no additional watering (though it has been raining every 5 days or so), but it has been left completely exposed to the 20 degree nights. I thought that would surely kill what came, but it hasn't killed one thing that sprouted.

The sage does show signs of injury (at least I think that is sage). The parsley and cilantro show no signs of injury. I think I'll be fixing some potatoes this weekend!

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  1. I am not sure that is sage either, doesn't look right, the others look like they are doing ok, though.