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Monday, December 12, 2011


My family loves broccoli; this included two young boys! So, you can guess how excited we were about our harvest this week. We only harvest one loan head of broccoli, but the broccoli plant already has several side shoots. It is the Packman variety and the head is about 6" across. 
I called the boys over to watch me cut the head from the plant. My youngest tried to take a bite out of it right on the spot.

Yeah broccoli!

Now only if the other 10 seeds I planted had germinated...argh!

Check out more harvests over at Daphne Dandelion's Harvest Monday.


  1. That is a very nice looking head of broccoli! When ever seeds don't germinate I usually replant but nowadays most of the time I start more seed than the number of plants I plan on. I have some big self watering containers and just stuff any extra plants in them after I plant out in the garden. Some do well, some don't.

  2. Fresh broccoli is always nice. And it's great that the young ones like it! I was almost 20 before I ate it, but now I can't get enough.

  3. Gorgeous head of broccoli. Freshly harvested broccoli taste sooooo much better than the store bought ones and takes less time to cook.

  4. Yum! Fresh broccoli is the best. I've been watching my broccoli grow oh so slowly for what seems like forever.

  5. Goodness! That is a large head of broccoli! It's cool that your boys eat it, mine won't touch it.


  6. Broccoli is a real favorite of ours too. Our broccoli is done for the season until next spring but we are enjoying the summer crop that we harvested and put by in the freezer for our winter use.

    That is a beautiful head and I bet you get some nice side shoots to enjoy too.

  7. Sustainably Modern12/15/11, 11:10 AM

    Thanks all! Since this is my first season, I don't quite no what to expect. I wasn't even sure if I should have cut it yet. So its helpful to hear fellow, more experienced gardeners say that it is a good head!

  8. It definitely looks good to me. I have some really small ones out in my garden but some broccoli is better than no broccoli (and I have had those years as well).