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Monday, October 3, 2011

Picking Purple-Hull Peas

When do you pick a purple hull pea? I've been growing them and I still don't know. But here are some peas at different levels of maturity

The left is the least mature and the right is the most mature (brittle and totally dried). The leftmost pea still has a modest green tint. The 4th pea has the nice cream color. The 5th pea has begun to harden and the last pea is fully hardened.

So my verdict is to pick when the hull is a uniform dark purple.

I won't bore you with another picture of zukes, squash, and peas. But here's this weeks totals (lbs):

Zukes 11.9 --- this is misleading; had a few hidden monsters. I am dissappointed in my zuke production thus far. About a month left though.
Squash 11.64 --- these have really taken off; expect to pull 2-4 per day over the next week.
banana pepper .58 --- will be pulling these next week to make way for carrots
peas 4.93 --- these are at full swing right now; will give some more time before planting brassicas


  1. I do not grow purple hulled peas so cannot help you out. Good work on the continued strong harvests of squash and peppers.

  2. I have never grown purple hulled peas. I would think that you are correct in your thinking though.

    It sounds like your garden is giving you some nice harvests right now.