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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Garlic is Planted

This is my first year planting garlic. I am planting Red Toch, Inchelium Red, Early Red Italian, Rogue River Red, Applegate Giant, and two Grocery Store varieties...one had red streaks and the other was all white.

I first refrigerated most of the cloves for 4 weeks. I stored a few of the cloves in a dark cool place for the four weeks. In the end, I will determine if the refrigerated garlic did better than the non-refrigerated garlic.

Next I soaked the garlic for 24 hours in a solution of 1 gallon of water + 1 T baking soda + 1 T seaweed/fish emulsion. One cup for each variety and fridge treatment.
Next was soaking in rubbing alcohol for 3-4 min immediately before planting and removing the 'skin'.
Finally, plant them..pointed end up!
And about 4 days later.....they have already emerged!
I'll keep you updated on the progress that will hopefully include bulbs next spring!

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