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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Pea Saga Continues

Ok, so at the last update the peas had began to develop these pretty white blossoms. So I go out today and the white blossoms are gone! I thought I would see more not less! Not only that, there are more shriveled up, dried out, turned-white looking pea pod beginnings (see pics from previous post). So what is going on! Will I ever get peas?! According to my journal, I should not expect peas for another 5 weeks, but those first 'pods' sure got me excited. And then........I start seeing these:
Yes, I think this is the beginning of a real pea pod. Right now its long and thin, but I expect that in 5 weeks, we'll have harvested quite a few peas. Here's hoping things keep progressing!

In other news, the corn looks great. I have two varieties planted:
Burpee's Ruby Queen Hybrid and
Burpee's Bi-Licious
I expect silks any day now.
I found aphids all over one of my squash blossoms. Other than that, I see no damage from them. Yes the little green dots below were moving!
But I think I have some helpers around that will help me out with the intruders.
The eggplant is taking its time, but I don't expect the harvest to start until mid-Oct, so its on time.
And, finally, here's the latest look at the entire garden.

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