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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oh Pea, Oh My

Well last week, I thought something was wrong with my peas. First my pea pods would emerge as small green pods.
Then, they would turn almost white, shrivel up, and dry out.
But this morning, just as I started to get nervous and I went out and saw this.
All the shriveled up, turned-white, dying pea pods, were now turning into blossoms.

So perhaps, this is just how the peas develop. I tried to google cowpea development or stages of cowpea development, but I found nothing. I'll keep watching it and documenting the stages of my cowpea's development.

In other news, some of the corn looks days from silking up. I can't wait to see the silks....got my pepper ready (to keep the moths from laying eggs). My zucchini is coming in two weeks early and my squash is about a week early. So hopefully, these are signs of a plentiful harvest.

Here's how the garden looks today:

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