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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Volunteers anyone?

I've heard of volunteers showing up randomly and unannounced at gardens all over the world. But none had shown up in my garden; perhaps because this is only my second year of really having a garden.

Well, I was out and about two weeks ago and what did I find...a few garden volunteers.

Basil growing in the perfect spot.
Some type of mystery squash. These probably don't have a chance because it will be a winter squash.
A bean! Growing in the middle of a walking row. Sorry, but it had to go.
Onion. Maybe I'll let these grow for the tops bc I doubt I'll get a bulb at this time of year.
Broccoli (these have already died or been eaten....well, their gone and I didn't pull them)
Wheat - I did pull these; they're in the way.
Here the volunteers are the two potatoes that have sprouted at the end of  the bed...not the two dudes planting more potatoes.
So we've finally had volunteers show up in our garden. Can't wait to see what they do.

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